South Asia Focus (Weekly-Program) – Oct 22, 2017

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This episode focuses on the Indian and Sri Lankan armies who have come together to hold joint training exercise with an aim to fight terrorism and protect their land and water boundaries from external forces, a fourteen-day exercise was held in India’s Pune city. In Afghanistan, a series of deadly insurgent attacks by the Taliban rocked the Paktia and the Ghazni provinces of Afghanistan, it was followed by attacks on Shi’ite Mosques by the Islamic State, many people have lost their lives and more are wounded after these incidents of terrorism. In Pakistan occupied Kashmir, people are facing human rights violations committed by Pakistan, the locals are facing many challenges of poverty and illiteracy and those who raise their voices against the Pakistani policies are tortured, abducted and even killed. Nepal stands on the verge of yet another transition as the provincial and federal elections are around the corner, Politics of break up, coalitions and mergers have already taken the limelight, however, it remains to be seen if Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba led government is mulling to postpone the elections following demands from within and outside his party. In India, where the tourism department of Jammu and Kashmir has left no stone unturned to promote tourism in the state and one such festival had been organized to showcase the art, culture, and music of the Kashmir Valley.

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