South Korean rapper Psy to release new album

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South Korean rapper Psy is set to release his seventh album, which includes a song featuring American rapper John Russell reports.

South Korean rapper Psy to release new album

South Korean rapper Psy, best known for his hit song “Gangnam Style”, held a news conference on Monday (November 30) ahead of the release of his seventh album.

The disc, which drops at midnight (1500 GMT), is a fusion of different musical styles.

SOUNDBITE Singer Psy saying (Korean):

“This album is basically based on dance music and includes genre elements such as EDM (electronic dance music), hip hop, funk, medium tempo, and trap, which is popular these days. I also tried to draw on all sorts of emotions including joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure, love, hate, and greed.”

“Gangnam Style” catapulted Psy to global fame after a rocky decade-long career in the music business. The video for “Gangnam Style” scored 2.4 billion views on YouTube, and its horse-riding dance was imitated by thousands around the world.

However, Psy on Monday said he wants the new record to stand on its own.

SOUNDBITE Singer Psy saying (Korean):

“I’m not even going out to (visit) Gangnam, because Gangnam Style makes me feel burdened. I would like to politely decline comparing the new album to Gangnam Style..”

Psy will perform his new songs for the first time at the Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong on Wednesday (December 2).

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