Spain’s socialists reject pact with ruling party

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Spain’s political future is uncertain, after the country’s Socialist Party rejected a pact with the country’s two main parties. Diane Hodges reports.

Spain’s socialists reject pact with ruling party

The leader of Spain’s Socialist Party has rejected a bid to form a coalition with the new government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez says he doesn’t believe his party’s supporters want that.


“The Socialist Party (PSOE) is not going to support the continuity of either Mariano Rajoy nor the People’s Party in government. We’re doing that because we want to fulfill a mandate following the votes of Spaniards on December 20.”

The Socialists are one of the two main parties in Spain. Without their support, the government may be forced to call a new round of elections early next year.

But Sanchez says he will try to keep that from happening.


“Repeating the elections is the last of all our options. The Socialist Party (PSOE) is going to explore every possibility so that there is a government of change and so there is a dialogue.”

In last Sunday’s elections, the Socialists and the ruling People’s Party lost millions of votes to a new left-wing party, as well as to Centrists.

Leaders of the two parties are now trying to determine the best way forward in order to ensure their political survival.

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