State funeral for some of the quake victims in Amatrice

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A day of mourning is being observed in Italy for the victims of this week’s earthquake as the death toll rises to 284. Julie Noce reports.

State funeral for some of the quake victims in Amatrice

Hundreds of people gather in a sports center in the Italian city of Amatrice for a state funeral of some of those killed in an earthquake this week.

The death toll from Wednesday’s 6.2 magnitude quake now stands at 284… and could go higher.

Overcome with emotion, many people were there just to offer support.

Although rescue efforts continue, little hope remains of finding survivors.

Italy sits on two fault lines, making it one of the most seismically active countries in Europe.

Centuries-old buildings in the region in central Italy are highly susceptible to earthquakes and have been reduced to piles of rubble.

With some 2500 people left homeless by the quake, survivors are sleeping in rows of blue tents set up close to their now flattened homes.

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