Survivors stunned after Brussels airport blasts

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Passengers describe the chaos after two blasts that killed at least 14 people struck Brussels airport. Ashraf Fahim reports…

Survivors stunned after Brussels airport blasts

Stunned passengers are lead to safety outside of Brussels airport…after two explosions ripped through the terminal killing at least 14 people.

Belgium was under attack.

Winnie Atutobo says it was chaos.

“I just went to the toilet and then like after five minutes I hear an explosion and all the ceilings is going down and then I just go under the sink and then the second explosion went and then everything is black. “

Marie-Odile Lognar described the moment when the second blast hit.

“Immediately after, 15, 20 seconds later, there was a second explosion a lot closer, with bits of ceiling – false ceiling – which started falling on the passengers waiting and then there really was a general movement of panic.”

As passengers were taken away to a secure area, police scoured the airport for further attackers. None were found.

Authorities say at least 34 people were killed in the airport blasts and the bombing of a rush-hour metro train a short time later.

They say further attacks are possible.

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