Syrian rebels welcome idea of ‘weekly’ truce

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Syrian rebels and the main opposition group cautiously welcome an idea proposed earlier by Russia for a weekly 24-hour pause in fighting to allow aid to reach besieged civilians in Aleppo, provided the United Nations can monitor and enforce such a truce. Diane Hodges reports.

Syrian rebels welcome idea of ‘weekly’ truce

International concern is mounting over the violence in Syria — and with it — calls for another temporary halt in the fighting in Aleppo, to help the civilains of the besieged city.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says air strikes and shelling in and around Aleppo this month has killed 422 civilians, including 142 children.

And Bettina Luescher of the U.N. World Food Programme is echoing long-standing calls at the U.N for a weekly 48-hour pause in figting to allow aid deliveries.


“From both sides, these sieges have to stop, it’s inhumane, awful, disgusting, nightmarish.”

The main umbrella group of the Syrian opposition said on Friday it cautiously welcomes the idea, provided the truce is monitored by the United Nations.

Russia said on Thursday it was ready to start the first 2-day ceasefire next week.

So far, Syria’s government has not commented on the proposal.

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