Taiwan, China react to newly elected Taiwan president

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Beijing offers a note of caution to the newly elected and left leaning Taiwan president. Julie Noce reports.

Taiwan, China react to newly elected Taiwan president

Taiwan’s newly elected president has both Taiwan and Beijing predicting a delicate approach to cross-strait relations in the coming years.

After it was announced that Tsai Ing-wen, the leader of the left leaning Democratic Progressive Party, had swept the polls, China posted this statement on its state run television that reads, in part…

We will continue to adhere to the 1992 Consensus and resolutely oppose any form of secessionist activities seeking Taiwanese independence. We are willing to enhance communication and exchanges with all political parties and groups which recognise the principle that the Chinese mainland and Taiwan belong to one China.

Residents in Bejing are cautiously optimistic.

We share the same ancestry, this person said. I think in the long run they’ll return to the motherland.

I hope things get better, we’re originally one family, said another. I have some Taiwanese friends and we’re on great terms.

A professor at the Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies says many of Tsai’s reforms can’t be realised without stable relations, and that she would probably let her views be known gradually and indirectly.

Tsai is set to be sworn into office in May.

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