Take a look at NYC’s taxidermy exhibition

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They are just like us. They play cards, drink tea and get married. Angela Moore reports.

Take a look at NYC’s taxidermy exhibition

In its day, it might have been called the wedding of the century.

This art piece by Walter Potter featuring a group of taxidermied kittens is the main animal attraction at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn.

SOUNDBITE: J.D. Powe, curator of ‘Taxidermy: Art, Science & Immortality’ exhibit, saying (English):

“It was done in 1890 and it features about 20 kittens, at a wedding ceremony where you have a bride and groom kitten being presided over by a parson. And of course the wedding party, including one gentleman who is apparently a disgruntled former suitor according to the documentation that we have on the piece. Taxidermy has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence over the past few years, and we do see a lot of hobbyists making their own taxidermy. The pieces here though are mostly antique pieces, including some very rare specimens of extinct animals like the passenger pigeon. And anthropomorphic pieces that are essentially animals dressed up doing human-like activity. When we think about whether they are morbid or not, and to a degree which they are, I think we have to be very careful not to apply our modern sort of presentist mindset to what was going on in the Victorian era.”

The exhibition seeks to explore both the science and art of taxidermy and will be on display until November.

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