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Tale of two migrations | Webmarked News

Tale of two migrations

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Syrian migrants seek shelter in a Norway church as Iraqi refugees land in Prague, all while Europe debates migration controls. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Tale of two migrations

A church in Arctic Norway becomes a sanctuary for three Syrian migrants.

They fear they will be sent back to Russia.


“Actually, now we have a hope to stay here in Norway, because we don’t have any other choice.”

But their hopes may not be enough.

Norway’s government has tightened asylum rules in response to the influx of migrants and refugees. Authorities say tens of thousands who arrived last year do not qualify for protection.

A very different scene at the airport in Prague.

Children are on hand to share toys with children arriving from Iraq.

A Christian refugee from Iraq Madzhid Rashid says his people have much to offer a welcoming country.


“We have come here first to provide the secure life for our families and secondly to get a job.”

As Europe debates migration control, the Czech government has agreed to accommodate 1500 refugees until the end of 2017 — that’s despite strong anti-migrant statements by the country’s president, Milos Zeman.

He is warning that migrants will impose sharia law, stone women to death for adultery and would chop off thieves’ hands.

But these children appear to have a different set of hopes as they arrive in a new home — leaving behind a fearful past — facing an uncertain future.

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