Taliban advances in Helmand, Afghanistan

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The British defense ministry says it has sent troops to beleaguered Helmand province in Afghanistan, following reports that the region is falling under the control of Taliban fighters. Diane Hodges reports.

Taliban advances in Helmand, Afghanistan

Afghan security forces are trying to stand firm in the town of Lashkargah (LASH-kar-GAR) in Helmand province.

But the Taliban are getting closer every day.


This Afghan soldier says the situation is very bad, and many residents are fleeing the fighting.


Akmal Khan, a resident, says the walls of his home have been hit by bullets many times.

Taliban forces have been gradually advancing in recent months, in an effort to recapture their traditional heartland.

Helmand’s governor says the provincial capital of Sangin is surrounded and in danger of falling to the Islamic militants.

British and American forces struggled for years to control the volatile province before turning its security over to Afghan troops.

Now, both countries are sending military advisors to the area, in hopes of turning back the Taliban tide.

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