Tattoo Week draws thousands

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Body art on display at Tattoo Week in Rio de Janeiro. Angela Moore reports.

Tattoo Week draws thousands

Drawing from the imaginations of artists from all over the world, tens of thousands of tattoo enthusiasts gathered at Tattoo Week Rio 2016.

For some it was a chance to see the latest trends in tattoo art and color.

For others it was a chance to get some new ink.

SOUNDBITE: Leo, tattoo enthusiast, saying (Portuguese):

“Tattoos are an image of what you like on your skin. I like them a lot, and this is my seventh tattoo.”

SOUNDBITE: Joice de Costa, tattoo enthusiast, saying (Portuguese):

“It’s a line from one of my favourite movies and it says, ‘Reality is a prison.’ To say that everyone has their way to escape, everyone has their way to run from reality.”

Tattoo Week Rio is billed as Latin America’s largest tattoo convention.

While the convention only lasts for the weekend, much of the body art created during the event will last a lifetime.

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