Taxi drivers protest against Uber in Mexico City

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Protests against the ride-hailing app Uber turned violent in Mexico City. Julie Noce reports.

Taxi drivers protest against Uber in Mexico City

Taxi drivers in Mexico City gathered to protest against the ride-hailing app Uber on Wednesday.

Anger towards the company came to a head a day earlier when groups of armed men violently attacked Uber drivers near the city’s airport.

Company executives were quick to condemn the violence.


“What happened yesterday was a very serious incident which we condemn and is unacceptable in Mexico and in any other city in the world. Violence is unacceptable. We invite everyone to have a dialogue and we’re open to working with authorities and taxi associations to benefit citizens.”

There were similar protests against Uber in the Colombian city of Cali.

Taxi drivers say Uber doesnt have the same cost overheads and is stealing their fares.

Uber is sincerely killing us, this man said. Now they’re even charging less.

The controversial ride-hailing app, which has been valued at over $40 billion, has had services banned in countries like France, Portugal and Spain.

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