Telangana IT Minister participates in workshop on implementation of ‘National Urban Health Mission’

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Hyderabad (Telangana), July 13 (ANI): Telangana IT Minister KT Rama Rao participated in a workshop on “Effective implementation of the National Urban Health Mission in Telangana state” on Thursday in Hyderabad. The workshop stressed on the importance of convergence between Urban Development and Health departments for improving healthcare facilities where KT Rama Rao addressed the State level workshop on effective implementation of National Urban Health Mission. Speaking at the event, K T Rama Rao said that if he has to go into a rural area and explain what convergence means in Telugu than he himself has to know what it is. It will help people involve in their work. Mahatma Gandhi said India lives in villages. But now more than 30% population lives in towns. 42 % lives in cities in Telangana. More than 50% will live in urban places in the coming days. People urbanise for better lively hood. They come for more facilities education, medical wise.

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