Thai elephants deliver gifts to children

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Elephant Santas in Thailand deliver presents to children. Julie Noce reports.

Thai elephants deliver gifts to children

School children in central Thailand were visited by special guests this Christmas Eve….

Four elephants in Santa attire delivered stuffed toys and snacks to eager children in Ayutthaya… a province about 100 kilometers north of Bangkok.

The children squealed in delight as the pachyderms passed along gifts with their trunks.

I’m happy this girl said. But they do make such loud noises.

Others shared the sentiments.

Elephants are so fat, this student said. But they’re still cute.

The elephants, Thailand’s national animal, came from the Royal Ayutthaya Elephant Kraal.

There are about 2700 domesticated elephants in Thailand and about 2000 wild elephants.

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