Thanksgiving approaches amidst heightened security

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New York and other U.S. cities beef up their security for the Thanksgiving holiday under threats of further violence from Islamic State. Mana Rabiee reports.

Thanksgiving approaches amidst heightened security

Like many across the U.S., New Yorkers are getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Millions are expected to line the streets for Thursday’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.

But this year, deadly attacks by Islamist militants and an Islamic State video that seemed to suggest New York could be the target of a suicide, are all putting a damper on the holiday for SOME travelers.


“I want to travel to Jamaica, but I can’t now, I’m scared. So I won’t be traveling there.”

New York, Boston and other cities in the U.S. bolstered their security immediately after the Paris attacks on November 13th.

This week, security efforts in New York will be ramped up for the parade… including with a new counter-terrorism unit that uses heavily-armed officers.

And in Washington, the beefed up security measures at the Amtrak train station were clearly visible.

…. giving some New Yorkers the sense that they can go ahead and enjoy the holiday as always.


“I think in general Homeland Security does a really good job. And I’m not that worried about it. And you really can’t worry about it because if it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. You gotta live your life. Like they said, we can’t let the terrorists win.”

Still, National Guard troops are already patrolling major transit hubs in New York like the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Penn Station.

And there’s even a new phone app to let users report suspicious activity directly to the state Homeland Security.

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