The Color Purple returns to the stage

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Jennifer Hudson, Cynthia Erivo and Danielle Brooks make their Broadway debuts in the musical adaption of the classic film. Alicia Powell reports.

The Color Purple returns to the stage

A trio of Broadway newbies are bringing “The Color Purple” back to the stage.

The revival of the 2005 musical stars Grammy and Golden Globe winner Jennifer Hudson, British native Cynthia Erivo and “Orange is the New Black” actress Danielle Brooks.

As the cast celebrated opening night, Brooks couldn’t hold back her emotion.

SOUNDBITE: Danielle Brooks, actress, saying:

“I am just so happy, I am just so happy, I feel like it’s my wedding day and I’m not even married. I’m just so thrilled, it’s been an amazing journey and it’s only the beginning.”

The movie and stage production is based on the 1982 book written by Alice Walker, which tells the story of two sisters separated physically, but bonded by faith.

The emotional subject matter can sometimes take a toll on the cast.

SOUNDBITE: Jennifer Hudson, actress, saying (English):

“Sometimes at night we don’t never get to sleep because we’re still like on an adrenal rush. So I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight, honey.”

For Erivo, the journey to Broadway started with the British production of the show.

SOUNDBITE: Cynthia Erivo, actress, saying (English):

“I think we had a wonderful reception when we were in London but here it’s just so much more vocal and so much more, I guess alive. Like you can feel the heartbeat in the audience while doing the show.”

Director John Doyle, says being able to participate in the making of the musical is an honor.

SOUNDBITE: John Doyle, director, saying (English):

“I feel very privileged to have told it. And I feel privileged to be honest, as a white man even, you know, being the person who is leading the telling of the story. I was concerned about that – and not even being an American, you know, I’ve got it all stacked against me. But it’s been a wonderful privilege to do.”

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