The Complete Story of Saudi Diplomat Raping and Torturing Maids in Gurgaon

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The case of a Saudi Arabia Diplomat, torturing and raping 2 Nepalese Women in Gurgaon was discovered yesterday when Haryana Police conducted a raid at his residence at Caitriona Towers in Gurgaon and rescued the 2 women.

The Gurgaon Police acted on the tipoff from Nepalese Embassy which in turned was alerted by an NGO named Meitei India. The NGO was tipped off by another woman who was hired by the Saudi Diplomat as domestic help but fled away after being tortured for 3 days.

The Women told Meitei India that there were 2 other maids held as hostages in the house and were subjected to daily sexual assault.

The members of Meitei Indian took help of someone who had access to the women and managed to pass on a mobile phone to them. The victims would narrate their ordeal on the phone to the NGO members. The NGO then informed the Nepal Embassy, which wrote to the Ministry of External Affairs and Gurgaon police after which the raid was conducted.

According to news reports, one of the victims is around 50-years old from Morang in Nepal while the other woman is in her 20s. She has two little children in Nepal’s Baglung, and a husband who is suffering from cancer. She was forced to take up the job of domestic help, after the devastating earthquake in April 2015.

According to reports, their torture and rape allegedly began in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, where the women were hired by the family as domestic helps. Later they were relocated to Gurgaon, but the practice of rape and torture did not stop. Over three months, the women were allegedly raped and tortured by different men who visited the house.

“They raped us, kept us locked up, did not give us anything to eat,” said one victim told to NDTV.

The incident of rape and torture allegedly began in the month of May 2015, when the women were brought from Saudi Arabia. At first, the diplomat asked them to massage him. Later he raped them and forced them to have unnatural sex and oral sex.

According to Indian Express, there were days when the victims would be sexually assaulted by 7-8 men. If they resisted, the diplomat and his family would threaten to kill them and dispose of bodies in the sewer.

The 2 women were allegedly held hostage at the Gurgaon Residence of Diplomat and were sexually abused every day for the last four months by the diplomat and his ‘guests’. The diplomat would serve them to his friends, all of them were nationals of Saudi Arabia.

The torture was such horrible that the victims were not given proper food to eat. Sometimes all they got was biscuits, bread and watery tea. However, everytime they were asked to bathe everytime they were presented to diplomat’s guests for sexual assault.

The diplomat also took them to other places where he visited and the saga to torture and rape continued. They were taken to places like Nainital and Agra where they were sexually assaulted by diplomat and his friends.

When the team of Gurgaon Police raided the house on the night of September 7, they saw two Saudi women beating up the Nepalese women. The Saudi women also assaulted and abused the police.

However, the Saudi embassy has dismissed the charges as “completely false” and “contrary to facts in our possession”. No arrests have been made so far.

A Gurgaon police officer said that a case against the diplomat and “unknown people” has been registered at the DLF-2 police station under sections of gang-rape (376 D), rape (376), unnatural sex (377) and some other sections of Indian Penal Code including 342, 323 and 120B.

The diplomat and his unknown friends and guests have been booked for raping, gang-raping two women while his wife and daughter have been booked for torturing the victims.

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