The dark side of ‘going green’ in China

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China is trying to clean up its pollution problem after years of promises and a focus on clean, renewable energy. But the problem is complicated with factories there still using dirty energy like coal to produce their solar panels and wind turbines. Meg Teckman reports.

The dark side of ‘going green’ in China

China’s war on pollution has seen dirty factories shuttered around the country alongside building interest in the need for clean and renewable energy sources.

The Chinese city of Baoding has capitalized on this green push with the local industry thriving by producing wind turbines and solar panels.

However, the city’s renewable technology boom has a dirty little secret.

The factories that churn out these clean machines are run on cheap, polluting energy like coal.

There aren’t even any wind farms within the city limits.

In 2014 Baoding was ranked the worst city in the entire country for air quality by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

And this disconnect between industry and ecology is a problem, according to Lu Lunyan of the World Wildlife Fund China.


“Baoding needs to take better advantage of its renewable energy sources. Using its own solar panel products, and cleaner energy for its electrical power system. I believe it’s not just Baoding, but most Chinese cities have a long way to go.”

Baoding and other smoggy Chinese cities like it may be high on the agenda for scrutiny at the Paris Climate Change Conference at the end of the month.

China has been on the receiving end of pressure to cut emissions as the country chokes on the results of years of breakneck economic growth.


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