The Rolling Stones to appear in cinemas worldwide

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A film of the Rolling Stones’ Cuba concert is to be released in thousands of cinemas. Saskia O’Donoghue reports

The Rolling Stones to appear in cinemas worldwide

Not everyone who wants to see The Rolling Stones in concert can, so the band is putting on a show in a more convenient venue – namely cinemas all over the world.

The legendary band played a free concert in Cuba in March this year, which was attended by around 1.2 million people and was filmed by award winning director Paul Dugdale.

The result is ‘Havana Moon’, which is billed as a unique cinematic experience.

Thousands of cinemas across the globe will screen the film on September 23, but it won’t be shown in the US.

The Rolling Stones made history in Cuba – by being one of the first acts to play in the country after the lift of the ban of rock music, imposed by communist rulers.

Fans of the band will be able to buy tickets for the event at the beginning of August.

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