The week’s top animal stories from around the globe

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From Elephant Santas bringing gifts to children in Thailand, to a luxury canine hotel with a “Dogald Trump” room in South Africa — the week’s top animal stories. Vanessa Johnston reports.

The week’s top animal stories from around the globe

Children ’round the world eagerly awaited gifts from Santa this week…

But how about goodies from an ELEPHANT dressed as Santa?

That was just as well for school children in Ayutthaya, Thailand, thrilled by this Christmas Eve surprise — like 11-year-old Siri Sukphan.

“Elephants are so fat, so cute,” he says.


In Russia’s Far East, orphaned Himalayan black bear cubs got ready for winter…

…with the help of volunteers from the wildlife rehabilitation center, Utyos — who prepared them this special hibernation lair.

Once the young bears awake in spring, they’ll be old enough to set free.


Do your dogs like luxury?

Then you might want to bring them here…the new five star Atfrits canine hotel in Cape Town, South Africa.

Perhaps they’d like a “pawdicure” or to relax in the “Dogald Trump” private room.

Yanic Klue is the owner.


“It’s absolutely insane the amount of people who are flying their dogs down to Cape Town.”

Between gourmet meals and retail therapy…it’s a lifestyle these pups could get used to.

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