Thousands of Japanese samba through Tokyo

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Some half-million Japanese turn out to see thousands of dancers at the 35th annual Samba Carnival in Tokyo. Diane Hodges reports.

Thousands of Japanese samba through Tokyo

It may look like Rio’s carnival, but this party is in Tokyo.

Some five-thousand dancers shimmied their way down the street for the 35-th annual Samba Carnival.

A half-million people of all ages came out in spite of rain to enjoy the costumes, dancing and live music.


“I’m watching them and getting jealous of their style. I wonder if I was like that when I was younger.”

Japan may seem like an unlikely place to find samba, but the ties between the two countries are strong-Brazil is home to the largest population of Japanese people outside of Japan.

The annual Samba carnival is one of Tokyo’s most popular events.

This year’s festival comes just one week after the end of the Olympics in Rio.

Japanese athletes won 41 medals, giving the spectators even more to celebrate.

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