Three days on, blizzard dig-out riles residents

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Many residents in Queens, New York and Washington, DC say they feel neglected as they wait for official help to dig out their snow-filled streets. Jillian Kitchener reports.

Three days on, blizzard dig-out riles residents

Plow-operators are still trying to get a grip on the snow in Queens, New York.

Many of these streets are still paralyzed after the weekend blizzard that hammered the U.S. East Coast.

And residents say, they’re fed up


“We don’t understand why it’s always this area that gets neglected when there’s a major snowstorm.”

It’s a similar situation in the nation’s capital, where residents are still digging out from the weekend’s dump.

Many cars remain involuntarily parked… although trains and buses have restarted near-normal service.

The federal government, however, is still closed.

For people who do need to get around in New York and DC, it’s a slippery situation… although officials say they’re doing their best to put the massive blizzard behind them.

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