Three dead in new Bangladesh attack

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Militants attack Bangladeshi police guarding the country’s biggest festival marking the end of Ramadan, killing three people and wounding 14. Diane Hodges reports.

Three dead in new Bangladesh attack

Shots ring out at Bangladesh’s largest festival marking the end of Ramadan.

Just days after suicide attackers killed 20 people at a Dhaka restaurant…

Gunmen attack police guarding a crowd of some 300,000 people gathered in a town about 90 miles away.

Police say they killed some of the attackers, but also suffered losses.


“Two of the policemen died and some are injured. One of the militants was killed by police and we have arrested two suspects.”

It was not immediately clear what group they belonged to.

The assault is the latest in a surge in militant violence in the South Asian nation of 160 million.

Al Qaeda and Islamic State have made competing claims for a series of killings of liberals and members of religious minorities in the past year.

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