To Every Question Rampals Answer Is- Had Lost My Mind

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Controversial self-styled godman Sant Rampal is said to have spent sleepless nights past two days in police lockup. The owner of the 12-acre Satlok Ashram was seen chanting and moving in circles inside the room he is locked up in civil lines police station of Hisar. A local court had ordered 5-day police remand for him in the sedition case registered against him at Barwala police station.


Whenever the investigating officers questioned Rampal, his only reply was that he had ‘lost his mind because of which the whole drama happened.’ Officers have said Rampal has been repeating the same reply for most of the questions. Rampal repeated that even he was held captive in ashram when he was arrested. Referring to allegations of abuse of women, sources said that Rampal replied, “Everything had gone out of my control. There was lots of chaos; I did not have any power over anyone.”

Even though six people lost their lives and over 200 were injured during the two-day-long stand-off between his followers and state police, Rampal continues to plead ignorance about the whole affair. 


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