Tokyo Game Show highlights virtual reality

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The 20th annual Tokyo Game Show kicks off as industry heavyweights go for virtual reality. Roselle Chen reports.

Tokyo Game Show highlights virtual reality

Tens of thousands of people hit the 20th annual Tokyo Game Show for a peek at the gaming world’s future.

Experts have been predicting that virtual reality, or VR, will mark a new age not only for gamers but also for the average media consumer, bringing people a new immersive way to experience games and television.

SOUNDBITE: Matthew Smith, senior editor at Engadget, saying (English):

“I think VR makes gaming more of an experience. I think it puts you deeper inside a game, deeper inside a universe or a situation that you’ve never imagined before. And that’s the most interesting thing in the games I’ve played so far. The most interesting demo’s have been where I felt displaced from the loud trade show floor. I’m in this game, I’m in space, I’m in this haunted hospital, whatever it is. It just puts you there in a far more realistic way than playing towards a TV.”

SOUNDBITE: Andrew House, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, saying (English):

“We’ve already started to talk to television creators that we work with just about what they think the possibilities are of what the storytelling could be when you shift from that one step removed, sort of passive experience, into something that is encompassing and all around.”

Last year a total of 480 game companies participated and 268,446 visitors from the industry and general public attended Tokyo Game Show.

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