Tokyo Gas develop checking system for liquid

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Tokyo (Japan), Mar 28 (ANI): Liquid viscosity is one of the most important physical attributes that are measured in various processes in the industrial world. In the traditional method when measuring viscosity, the measuring tool should be in direct contact with the measured object to decide the level of resistance when stirring the liquid or measuring the time needed for passing through a thin tube. And when performing the measurement again, it is necessary to clean the equipment very well, thus it is difficult to do continuous measurement promptly. “TOKYO GAS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS” has developed the new device “VISCO WAVE” for measuring liquid viscosity. This device can be used in many fields where liquid viscosity must be controlled properly. Paint, liquid foods, engine oil, and cooking oil are some examples. The machine that led to the development of the “VISCO WAVE” is a liquid inspection device used at the airport luggage inspection points. The technology of examining the liquid in the pet bottle without touching it directly is applied to “VISCO WAVE”. The newly born technology of ensuring security without touching the liquid will contribute to various industries in the future.

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