Tom Cruise was ‘Shit Scared’ while doing ‘Mission Impossible 5’ plane stunt

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New Delhi, April 22 (ANI): Tom Cruise has confessed that his most talked about stunt in the trailers of ‘ Mission Impossible 5’ was actually terrifying and scared the shit out of him. The ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ actor said that his harness was bit loose and caused his body vibrating against the plane and this stunt of holding Airbus plane from the outside at 5,000 feet off the ground was actually scared shitless, an online portal reported. The American actor, who even refused to wear goggles, believing that viewers would relate to the scene more without them, added that he performed this stunt 8 times at 1.5 kilometres (5000 feet) in the air and on the second take he got hit by a little particle, but it made him feel like it almost broke his ribs. Notably, Cruise, who is known to put stuntmen out of work, did another shocking stunt in 2011’s ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ by flinging himself off the tallest building in the world, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

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