Top Critic Review of Bollywood Movie P Se PM Tak

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Bollywood Movie P Se PM Tak is a dark political satire dealing with the life of a prostitute girl who becomes the Prime Minister by sheer luck or chance. It is more like a meaningless comedy film.


The movie revolves around a small town prostitute, on the run and penniless. She lands up in a town where a by-election is just hotting up. There, she gets caught in the vortex of political shenanigan-ism where by sheer luck she ends up becoming the Chief Minister! The Movie has a 17-minute hilarious rollicking dead-body climax never before seen on any screen…with an explosive end.


The Screenplay is pathetic. The comedy fails to make you laugh. The Director attempted to make a good satire, but it ended up being a mesh. Some one-liners are good and will keep the audience awake in theatres/


The Acting of newcomer Meenakshi Dixit is good and she keep the eyeballs rolling. However too much sex show makes her character less attractive. Other actors are not so much fitting to their roles.



I would go for 1.5 Stars out of 5 for this Movie. If you have time on weekend, go for this one-time entertainment.

Top Critics Review

Till now no top Bollywood critics like Taran Adarsh, Rajeev Masand, Anupama Chopra, Komal Nahata have reviewed it. Once they review it, we shall update it here.

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