Top Critic Review of Movie Madmast Barkhaa

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Bollywood Movie Madmast Barkhaa releases today. It has been directed by Jaspal Singh and produced by Sundip Rale under the Singh Multimedia Creation banner. The Film marks bollywood debut of model Leena Kapoor.

Leena Kapoor as Seductress Barkhaa  in Madmast Barkhaa

Leena Kapoor as Seductress Barkhaa in Madmast Barkhaa


The story revolves around Leena kapoor (Barkhaa) who is married to an army man named Ranbir, who has to leave urgently leaving barkhaa all alone. Due to her lonely, passionless married life, she begins an affair with her husband’s friend named Akaash, Twist in the story comes when barkhaa’s sister in law Neetu comes to know about Barkha’s affair with Akaash in the absence of her brother Ranbir.

The major twist and turns opens when Ranbir comes home alive and sees his friend Akaash and his wife together. on being asked by Ranbir Barkhaa chooses to stay with Akaash. Suspense goes on wheel when Barkhaa’s dead body was found in swimming pool and Akaash accused Ranbir for Barkhaa’s murder, which Ranbir denies.


The Movie has good screenplay. However it lacks anything genuine. The same old B-Grade Extra-marital love story is being repeated here.


Leena kapoor takes most of the screen time. She performs her role of a lonely housewife to a good extent. Ekaansh Bhaardwaaj also fits well in the role of a lover boy. The chemistry between two is awesome.


Despite good looking actors, and some erotic love scenes, the movie has nothing new to offer. If you are fan of tasting the old wine in new bottle, this movie is for you. Don’t take your kids with you.

I would end with a rating of 1 out of 5.


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