Tourists flock to Kashmir during autumn as valley turns golden

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Srinagar, Nov 23 (ANI): Tourists flock to Kashmir valley during the autumn season to enjoy the beauty of nature as the valley turns into a palette of gold with chinar trees in full bloom.
The leaves of Chinar (Platanus Orientalis) are scattered beautifully on the streets across the valley. The unique leaves turn red before falling on ground giving a kaleidoscopic look to the valley. Tourist said they enjoyed visiting the valley during this time as the weather is not too cold. The tourism industry is trying to recover after the floods struck the state last year. Local residents urged the central government to encourage more tourists to visit the valley during autumn. Autumn season starts in the valley from mid-September till mid-December. Jammu and Kashmir is a well known tourist destination for winter activities such as snowboarding, skating, sledge rides, gondola jaunts, cable car rides and snow skiing, making tourism one of the mainstays of the state’s economy.

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