Traditional Pre-Holi Festival celebrated in Kullu

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Kullu, Feb 04 (ANI): Traditional pre-Holi ‘Basant Festival’ was celebrated with great religious fervor in Himachal Pradesh. People in Kullu start celebrating Holi 40 days prior to the actual festival and villagers from Bhekhli, Lagvalley,Seobag, Bhuntar, Naggar, Manikaran, Kharal valley and Diyar villages gather here to celebrate this historic festival. The villagers take part in a procession commemorating local deity Ragunath, who is considered as Lord Ram. The head of the Royal family led the procession in a palanquin from a local temple to the Dhalpur ground. The head of the royal family is considered the first devotee of Lord Raghunath. The festival has been celebrated for over 400 years now. The other important aspect of celebrating this festival is the meeting between Lord Ram and his brother Bharat. The priest of Raghunath temple said that groups of saints will keep moving around the entire Kullu valley and throw colours for the next forty days.

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