Treasure hunters uncertain about fabled Nazi ‘gold train’

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Treasure hunters searching for a fabled Nazi-era train in Western Poland said to be filled with looted gold begin to have doubts as their excavation so far comes up empty. Ashraf Fahim reports.

Treasure hunters uncertain about fabled Nazi ‘gold train’

Along these train track in western Poland, a team of Polish and German treasure hunters digging for a fabled Nazi train laden with looted treasure — are beginning to lose heart.

They’ve dug almost as deep as they can into the hill they think contains the long-lost train, but so far they’ve come up mostly empty — solid rock.

According to local legend, the so-called “gold train” disappeared into a tunnel in the lower Silesia region in 1945

Treasure hunters Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper said last year they’d located it using ground-penetrating radar.

But more recent scans have produced no sign of the train.

Still, Koper, says they aren’t giving up all hope.


“Until we finish all the tests, until we verify 100 percent, how we can give up? We are half -way through. We cannot retreat half way.”

Work has stopped for the weekend, but on Monday drilling will continue until they reach 20 meters below ground.

Richter now puts the chances of success at just fifty percent.

But that’s just enough hope for the men to keep on digging.

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