Trump mask a holiday hit in Mexico

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A mask of presidential hopeful Donald Trump IS a Halloween hit in Mexico, complete with blonde coif and scowl. Sharon Reich reports.

Trump mask a holiday hit in Mexico

When billionaire Donald Trump accused Mexico of sending criminals to live in the U.S., he angered Mexicans. Now, an artisan is giving locals an outlet– a Trump Halloween mask that pokes fun at the outspoken real estate mogul.

Grupo Rev in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca is producing the Trump masks. With the company exporting to some 30 countries globally, the presidential candidate’s mask is set to be a hot seller.

SOUNDBITE: Diego Esponda, head of Grupo Rev, saying (Spanish):

“We already make masks of politicians, Donald Trump couldn’t be an exception. We have an Obama mask, which sells very well … and Donald Trump is gathering a lot of momentum. We didn’t like what he said at all, so this adds to the joke of what an unpleasant person he is.”

The latex masks depicts the U.S. presidential candidate with his signature blonde ‘do and mouth open.

SOUNDBITE: Mask designer, Hector Bustos, saying (Spanish):

“With Donald Trump, it was easy because he is already well characterized and has a particular scowl, so when he starts to talk he pouts. His expression is as if he’s looking down at you and we liked that a lot.”

The Trump Halloween mask reportedly retails for $36 U.S. dollars.

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