Tulsa officer arrested for shooting unarmed black man

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The white, female police officer in Tulsa who fatally shot an unarmed black man last week, has been charged with first degree manslaughter. Diane Hodges reports.

Tulsa officer arrested for shooting unarmed black man

Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby was charged with first degree manslaughter, after turning herself into authorities Friday morning.

Prosecutors say Shelby overreacted when she shot and killed 40-year-old Terence Crutcher on September16th, as he stood at the side of his car with his hands in the air.

Shelby told authorities she was traveling to another call when she came upon Crutcher, whose car had broken down in the middle of the road.

She said he did not respond to her questions or commands.

The shooting can be seen on videos taken from the dashcams of the police cars and from a police helicopter.

Crutcher’s family say they’re happy that the justice process had begun, but they want to make sure officials follow through

Damario Solomon-Simmons/Crutcher Family Attorney –

“The family wants and deserves full justice.”

But relatives said they want to focus on the positive.

Tiffany Crutcher/Sister –

“Today we choose to celebrate Terence’s life, a life he lived to the fullest every single day.”

They’re planning a National Day of Justice for Crutcher next Tuesday, September 27.

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