Turkey’s militant pursuit will be unrelenting: Erdogan

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan says his country will pursue Islamic State and Kurdish separatist groups into “other regions” if necessary, as the cross-border offensive into Syria continues. Natasha Howitt reports.

Turkey’s militant pursuit will be unrelenting: Erdogan

As Turkey’s cross-border offensive into Syria continues, President Tayyip Erdogan vows to be unrelenting in the pursuit of militant groups.

He is referring to Islamic State and the Kurdish YPG miltia.


“We will give every support to efforts to cleanse Daesh (Islamic State) from Syria and Iraq. That’s why we are present in Jarablus. That’s why we are present in Bashiqa. We will not avoid taking responsibility in other regions if necessary. We have the same resolve (to wipe out) the separatist PYD’s Syria wing. Our struggle will continue until we root out this terrorist organisation.”

The YPG is the armed wing of the Kurdish PYD, and viewed by Ankara as a “terrorist organisation” linked to Kurdish militants fighting an insurgency on their own soil.

This puts them at odds with Washington, which sees them as an ally in the fight against Islamic State.

Here, footage released by Turkey’s state-run media purports to show heavy artillery being seized from the Kurdish YPG.

Turkey launched its U.S.-backed offensive into Syria last week, starting with the Islamic State-controlled border town of Jarablus.

Turkish forces are are now moving south towards areas held by Kurdish-backed Syrian militias, and west towards further Islamic State strongholds.

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