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U.S. debate leaves world citizens nervous | Webmarked News

U.S. debate leaves world citizens nervous

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Asia watched the first U.S. presidential debate, keen to hear the candidates views on crucial security and trade issues. As Tara Joseph reports, many view the next American leader as a world leader too.

U.S. debate leaves world citizens nervous

Breakfast time in Hong Kong –

And while Americans watched the first presidential debate from their living rooms…

people in Asia gathered in restaurants, clubs and pubs to tune in…

highly aware that how the U.S. votes in November – will affect the rest of the world:


“People here don’t just think they’re watching the future leadership of America play out – but largely the future leadership of the world.”

That didn’t make either candidate particularly popular on in China on Tuesday morning …

Social media users suggesting neither US would be able to improve ties with Beijing

In Japan, the comments were a lot more – personal.

One user calling Trump “a hoodlum who can only count money.”

Another saying Hillary’s red dress was a scary appeal to China…

And no surprises what people were thinking about in Seoul


“North Korea is being highly provocative, and Trump’s solution is to pull U.S. forces out of South Korea. I support Hillary because she is our friend.”

Asian shares were first to react to the debate – swinging back from an early bout of nerves as investors awarded round one to Hillary.

Markets seeing her as the more stable of the two, while a question mark hangs over the future of the U.S. economy and international trade under Trump.

The big winner though, the Mexican peso, which surged against the greenback…

A win for Hilary easing concerns that the country could soon literally face a brick wall to its single biggest trading partner north of its border.

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