U.S. military blimp comes down

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A cutting-edge U.S. military blimp equipped with radar capabilities descends to its final resting place near a Pennsylvania township. Gavino Garay reports.

U.S. military blimp comes down

These were some of the last images of a high-tech blimp before it came down near Montour County Pennsylvania.

The U.S military blimp designed to detect a missile attack came loose Wednesday afternoon wreaking havoc as it hovered over Maryland and moved into Pennsylvania.

A sense of disbelief on the ground in the moments before its final descent.

Two U.S. F-16 fighter trailed the blimp as it moved into civilian airspace, trailing with it 10,000 feet of cable.

It was not immediately clear how the blimp became detached from its mooring station.

NORAD says the blimp is mostly deflated and that a recovery team is en route.

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