UK airline Monarch denies collapse rumours

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British airline Monarch Airlines said it was operating normally and was on track to make a profit this year after questions were asked about its future on social media. Sonia Legg reports

UK airline Monarch denies collapse rumours

A jittery morning Monday for travellers on UK airline Monarch.

The company forced to deny rumours that it faced collapse.

Monarch says flights are operating as normal, and it’s on track to make a profit this year.

It says the rumours circulating online are baseless, and it can’t identify where they started.

But Reuters UK correspondent Sarah Young says there ARE questions about the company’s finances:


“In that statement they also said that they were expecting a significant investment from stake holders in the coming days and they said that there had been some tough market conditions, which lots of airlines have said, to do with Brexit, the devaluation of the pound, which makes it more expensive for people to travel.”

Security worries also hurting.

Many people staying at home following terrorist attacks across the continent.

But Monarch insists none of that is enough to stop it flying.

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