UK set for bumper Black Friday

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Spending in Britain on this week’s “Black Friday” discount shopping day looks set to break last year’s record despite warnings that retailers would be wise to shun an event imported from the United States. As Hayley Platt reports some – including Walmart’s Asda – have misgivings about the broader impact on crucial pre-Christmas trading.

UK set for bumper Black Friday

You know Christmas isn’t far off when the festive lights go up.

And the sale signs start appearing in the shops.

Black Friday – a U.S. import – has now spread far and wide.

In Britain it’s expected to break records, says Shannon Edwards from the fashion shopping site STYLOKO.COM


“Black Friday is the biggest shopping day globally with the exception of Singles Day now in China, so it is a very important shopping day and it’s not going away, it’s going to be the place where we start with the discounts and we start to get a sense of how they’re going to do for the season.”

Online and instore sales in the UK are expected be 20 percent higher this year than last.

The online spend alone is anticipated to soar 32 percent

But after last year’s shopping frenzy at Walmart’s Asda the supermarket says it won’t be joining in this year.

Arguing that shoppers don’t want to see big fluctuations in price.


“For a retailer like Asda where they were having a real liability issue within the store, they sort of softened the marketing of it but they’re still offering deals all through November and December. So really it becomes a way of how much are they exploiting the Black Friday concept versus starting discounts on that day.”

There are fears if shoppers spend on big purchases before Christmas – they won’t return afterwards for traditional new year sales.

But with so much competition amongst retailers few are brave enough not to follow the pack.

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