UN hopes main Syrian opposition group joins peace talks

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Syria’s main opposition group has arrived in Geneva where peace talks are underway to bring an end to the country’s civil war. Nathan Frandino reports.

UN hopes main Syrian opposition group joins peace talks

As bombs fall in Syria, the United Nations is urging the country’s main opposition group to join their peace talks.

The group known as the Higher Negotiation Committee arrived in Geneva Saturday.

It says it wants to discuss humanitarian issues, like ending Russian and Syrian government air strikes, before engaging in peace talks.

Haytham Manna, a member of the opposition Syrian Democratic Council, welcomed the Higher Negotiation Committee’s arrival.


“I think that the presence of the other delegation in Geneva is very important and necessary because we cannot speak about our point of view from Riyadh and I didn’t understand up to now, why they are not here (in Geneva).”

The U.N. says the aim would be six months of talks.

It first wants a ceasefire then a political settlement.

No direct talks are expected this weekend… though the opposition hopes goodwill measures will be taken that could help bring an end to the five year civil war.

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