Urs of Nanga Baji in Srinagar celebrated in Jammu region by people of all faiths

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Jammu and Kashmir, Jan 25 (ANI): Sufism in India has served to promote a common way of understanding the world.People from different faiths across the country congregate at Sufi shrines to pay their respects. One such example can be witnessed during the Urs of Baba Nanga Baji Sahib in Rajouri, where people belonging to different faiths come together to celebrate the occasion. Every year Urs here is celebrated in high spirit and people irrespective of their castes come together to pay obeisance to the saint and get his blessings in return. Locals say that Naga Baji was helpful to the poor and spread the message of communal harmony and brotherhood among mankind. He was the grandson of Naga Baji Syed Muzzaffar Hussain Shah who was also respected by the people. A community meal is also organised at the shrine daily for the devotees. People take it as sacred offering which is a cure for all ailments. The message of harmony comes out loud and clear at the mausoleum. And it simply reaffirms the fact that amity between different communities has been a way of life in India since ages, and it will continue to strengthen the social fabric in times to come as well.

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