Urs of Sufi Saint Sai Illahi Baksh

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Jammu and Kashmir, May 31 (ANI): Loran is situated amidst the green landscape of Poonch district in Kashmir. It is home to the shrine of Hazrat Sai llahi Baksh. The Saint was deeply engrossed in Sufism and shared a unique love for nature and mankind. The culture of Jammu & Kashmir is an amalgamation of different religious practices.The sufi saint played a vital role in the state’s development. His shrine is held in high esteem by all communities even today. It is in fact a symbol of unity and brotherhood. Here, not just men, but even women participate with great zeal.The annual Urs or the death anniversary of the saint draws the largest number of devotees. People of all religions and beliefs visit the shrine seeking blessings of the saint. Here, people from different backgrounds volunteer to serve food at the community kitchen. The shrine presents a glorious example of the composite culture of the region.
It extends the message of love and peace. More than a place of worship, it is also a symbol of harmony between communities.

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