US, other countries issue warning to Westerners in Beijing

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At least four countries issued Christmas security warnings to Westerners in a popular diplomatic and entertainment district in Beijing. Julie Noce reports.

US, other countries issue warning to Westerners in Beijing

The U.S., France, U.K, and Australia took the unusual step of issuing Christmas security warnings for Westerners in a popular Beijing district on Thursday.

The U.S. Embassy said in a brief statement it had “received information of possible threats” in Sanlitun, which is also home to many embassies, on or around Christmas Day.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said they were aware of the reports.


“We’ve noticed the relevant report. Please refer to the responsible Chinese government departments for detailed information. Relevant Chinese departments have always attached great importance to social security work, and spared no effort in protecting the safety of Chinese citizens and foreign institutes and their staff in China.”

Christmas is not a holiday in China, which is officially atheist.

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