Victims of Bethari Bazaar police firing demand justice

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Nepal, Nov 26 (ANI): Anti-government sentiments continue to prevail in the Terai region of Nepal as Madhesi protesters demand equal rights in the new Constitution. Several people have lost their lives in police crackdown in over two months. Among those dead was 45-year-old Sobhawati Murav, a vegetable vendor, who was killed in police firing on September 15 in Batheri Bazaar (market). The victim’s family wants government to declare her a martyr. Madhesis, who live largely in Nepal’s southern plains, say that the provinces have been drawn in a way to dilute their political voice. More than 40 people have been killed in violent clashes since the declaration of the new Constitution. In a recent incident, four Madhesi protesters were killed and several injured in police firing in Bhardaha, Rupani and Rajbiraj areas of Saptari district. In its 44-page report titled “Like We Are Not Nepali: Protest and Police Crackdown in the Terai Region of Nepal”, the Human Rights Watch found no evidence that any of these victims were posing a threat at the time that they were killed.

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