Vintage Star Wars toys go galactic

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A British auction house is seeing high demand for vintage Star Wars toys ahead of the eagerly awaited film “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”. Ivor Bennett reports

Vintage Star Wars toys go galactic

They come from a long, long time ago.

But their galaxy is not that far away…

It’s actually a warehouse in northeast England –

Now selling vintage ‘Star Wars’ toys… or rather “collectibles” for literally thousands of pounds.

Vectis Auctions’ Kathy Taylor.


“It isn’t just a toy. It’s actually a way of life and a cultural thing. People even look at some of these cardbacks that we sell as works of art. They’re encased in plastic. They’re set in beautiful display situations within their houses. It is a different sort of area to anything else really.”

In January, they sold a Boba Fett plastic figurine for a staggering 18,000 pounds.

The miniature bounty hunter had originally cost 1 pound 50, 35 years ago.

Auctioneer Andrew Reed.


“It’s just that they are factory fresh, just as they would have been delivered to a shop and they would have been taken out, one would have been put on the shop for sale. A kid would have bought one for 59 pence and now it’s probably hopefully going to be £10,000 plus.”

The hype is nothing new.

Collecting pop culture memorabilia is as old as pop culture itself.

But with the New Star Wars film opening in December, demand has been higher than ever… and so have the prices.

So, if you still remember where you left that old Death Star pencil sharpener – summon your inner Jedi, and you might just make a profit.

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