Virtual reality dominates E3 opening

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 opens with focus on the promise of virtual reality. Joel Flynn reports.

Virtual reality dominates E3 opening

Welcome to the future.

No your eyes don’t deceive you – this is what tomorrow’s gaming will look like.

The next generation of virtual reality headsets from Oculus Rift being demoed at E3 in LA – and the punters are onboard.

SOUNDBITE: E3 Attendee, Olga Hamlet, saying (English):

“It’s amazing. It’s complicated at first because you don’t use your hands, you use your eyes and you look around and see this great stuff.”

SOUNDBITE: E3 Attendee, Maheer Kibria, saying (English):

“It feels very immersive in the visual effects.”

Sony and Microsoft were also showing off their new virtual reality accessories.

Previous generations of so-called VR equipment have been clunky – and promises of future progress seems a long way off.

But CNET Senior Editor Dan Ackerman thinks the future might finally be here.

SOUNDBITE: CNET Senior Editor, Dan Ackerman, saying (English):

“Sony has the Morpheus headset that should work with the Playstation 4. Microsoft has the Hololens, which is more experimental reality and the company called Oculus, that is owned by Facebook. That is the market leader, they were the first guys with workable hardware which should be available to buy next year.”

There are worries about how much these new entertainment sets will cost.

But for those here it’s mainly excitement at the progress being made with the technology.

This year’s E3 runs until June 18.

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