Wang premieres concert film at TIFF

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Chinese pop star Leehom Wang has premiered his concert film ‘Open Fire’ at the Toronto International Film Festival. Saskia O’Donoghue reports

Wang premieres concert film at TIFF

Justin Timberlake wasn’t the only pop star to launch a concert film at the Toronto International Film Festival as Chinese superstar Leehom Wang premiered his ‘Open Fire’ concert film.

Ahead of the launch, the Taiwan native said he was incredibly nervous.


“I feel like it’s time to ‘Open Fire’. I feel more nervous than at a concert right now because this is incredible, this is an international film festival and I haven’t been at an international film festival in a while so it’s a very different experience. It’s weird, it feels like a concert but I know I’m not going to go on stage, I’m just going to be sitting there watching me so it’s very surreal.”

Wang said he hoped premiering his film on an international stage would see more people enjoying Chinese music.


“We’re here at this international film festival. A lot of people are going to be hearing Chinese pop for the first time and that’s really meaningful to me.”

Wang is no stranger to film festivals as he was one of the stars of Ang Lee’s festival favorite “Lust Caution” and is also the highest grossing first time director in China for his film “Love in Disguise.”

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