War of words emerges between Russia and Turkey

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Russia and Turkey are rattling off following this week’s downing of a Russian military jet by Turkey. Nathan Frandino reports.

War of words emerges between Russia and Turkey

As the war wages on in Syria’s northern Kassab province, another kind of conflict is breaking out toward the north…

A ‘war of words’ is esclating between Turkey and Russia — after Turkey downed a Russian military jet operating on the border of neighboring Syria this week.

At a ceremony in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was still waiting for a reasonable response from Turkey.


“Until now we have heard neither clear apologies from the highest political level of Turkey, nor suggestions on the compensation of damages, nor promises to punish the guilty for the crime they committed. It seems that the Turkish leadership is deliberately driving relations between Russia and Turkey into a dead end.”

Turkey shot down the plane because it says the jet violated its airspace… an assertion Russia denies.

Russia has since sent an advanced missile system to Syria to protects its jets there.

Russia is also discussing measures that would include freezing some joint Turkish investment projects… a move Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan describes as emotional.


“First of all, politicians and military delegations need to sit down and talk about this issue. And afterwards, the mistakes should be mutually recovered. If we make emotional statements rather than doing this, it would be unfitting.”

Despite the jet’s downing, Russia has pledged its air force would keep flying missions near Turkish air space.

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