Warfare on all fronts in Syria

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Videos uploaded to social media websites purport to show Russian air strikes in Deraa, as well as the aftermath of attacks in Aleppo and Hasaka. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Warfare on all fronts in Syria

A Russian fighter jet appears to hover over Deraa in Syria.

And then comes the explosion.

Amateur video, which can not be independently verified by Reuters, appears to show war raging across the country.

In Aleppo, panic filled streets.

People try to put out the flames of a burning car after what they say was a car bomb. Others douse a building with on a broken open street.

In the largely Kurdish far northeast an ambulance heads to the hospital.

The motorcycle bomb went off in a mostly Christian area killing three people and wounding another seven.

Islamic State is claiming responsibility.

The Kurdish YPG is fighting IS with the support of U.S.-led air strikes. It has been the most effective partner on the ground in Syria for the U.S.-led coalition — It’s a fight where the cost rises every day.

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