Watch: Narayana Health Hospital celebrates its 100th successful robotic surgeries

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Bengaluru, Jan 25 (ANI): Narayana Health Hospital in Bengaluru celebrated its successful completion of 100 robotic surgeries within a span of 6 months. A joint initiative of Narayana Health and Infosys Foundation, launched in September 2016, saw the completion of 100 successful and subsidized robotic surgeries at Narayana Health. According to Dr. Lavanya Kiran, robotic surgery is completely safe and new technology must be brought to the fore. Apparently, this system is helping doctors to operate with accuracy and precision. Robotic surgery’s magnification and 360-degree end wrist movement helps doctors to access the unreachable places more easily. With barely any chance of complications, patients can go home after a short stay in the hospital.

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